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A great mortgage solution not only fulfills all your current financial requirements but makes sure that you are not burdened with any hefty payments. I offer some of the lowest rates in the market, making sure that your next mortgage payment is well within your means.


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Welcome to Alberta Home Loans Inc.

Alberta Home Loans Inc. is a Calgary based mortgage brokerage firm offering a wide array of prime rate mortgage products to our clients. Whether you want to buy a new home, refinance an existing mortgage and increase it to consolidate your high credit cards and car loans we can save you money. Our clients have often saved 100’s even 1000’s a month in monthly payments.
We provide services to all homeowners in Alberta regardless of credit, income, or location. Prime rates for prime applicants.

Customer Oriented Services

Alberta Home Loans Inc.,is a locally owned and operated full service mortgage brokerage firm. We specialize in providing first and second mortgages for home purchases, refinancing and debt consolidations throughout Alberta. We provide our clients our best advice on choosing the right mortgage that fits their situation. Our aim is not only to provide the very best advice and service to our clients, but also to establish a life long relationship with them, their family and their friends.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Mortgage Staff

Alberta Home Loans Inc. owners have been providing mortgages to Albertans since 1981. Our mortgage agents provide professional advice and guidance to keep you informed throughout the mortgage process.

Efficiency through Flexibility

Interest rates change frequently. Chartered Banks and mortgage companies policies change often as well. Our professional team is very flexible and is able to monitor and adapt to these changes quickly.

Industry Leading Products and Services

Alberta Home Loans Inc. has built professional relationships with over 30 lending sources over the years,including chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions, mortgage companies and private investors. We can offer products,and services that are among the best in the industry and can sometime offer mortgage interest rates up to 1% lower than posted bank rates. Our online tools and calculators take care of all the numbers and calculations involved, quickly and accurately.