The already popular Canadian mortgage rate, the 5 year fixed rate , is about to become even more popular.  Yesterday BMO lowered it 5 year low rate (closed) to 2.99%.    Other banks also have lower fixed mortgage rates with the Toronto-Dominion Bank  4 year fixed-rate mortgage to 2.97% earlier this month and Scotiabank offers a four-year special rate at 2.94%.     This news is contrary to popular opinion from last year that mortgage rates were expected to rise, even the CMHC Housing Market Outlook publication Sept 2013 statedsome buyers may also make their purchasing decisions more quickly as mortgage rates are expected to move higher”.  Mortgage rates at times can be difficult to predict so it is important your mortgage broker is up to date with the latest information on mortgages and access to more than one lender’s rates to give you the best possible mortgage rate and mortgage product.

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