Alberta Home Loans Inc. has long term business relationships with many institutional and private lenders including chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions and mortgage companies. We provide very competitive mortgage rates in Calgary and throughout all of Alberta.   Whether your preference is a stable, fixed rate mortgage or a variable rate, we can offer it.  However,
there is more to consider than finding the lowest mortgage rate. The professionals at Alberta Home Loans Inc will assess your financial situation, and ask questions to determine what mortgage product is best for you.

ALL MORTGAGES ARE NOT EQUAL!!. You need the best advice from professionals that have over 50 years experience providing mortgages to Albertans. Here are some of the things to look for:

1. A mortgage product that has low prepayment penalties if any.
2. The ability to double your monthly payments.
3. The ability to pay up to 20% of the mortgage balance on each anniversary date.
4. Flexible terms, i.e. 1 to 10 years.

5. Amortizations up to 30 years.

Alberta Home Loans Inc. has access to some of the best mortgage rates in Alberta and some of the lowest rates in the Canadian market. If you are a purchasing new home, refinancing or looking to renew your mortgage, contact us. You will be impressed with what we can do for you. We wish to have a longterm relationship with you and your family. if you like what we can do tell your friends. if not tell us.

The table on the left shows the  Mortgage Rates offered by HOMELOANSALBERTA.COM

Contact us at Alberta Home Loans Inc. for some of the best mortgage rates on First & Second Mortgages, Debt Consolidations using home equity, refinancing first mortgages, debt consolidations and find out if you qualify for a debt consolidation.